It was a bit windy for us, but I got the chance to take this one.  I wouldn’t have been able to if I had been crewing.




I’ve been up to the medieval festival again today, and with me I did tote my camera.  I didn’t take my new lens, because I wanted to practice taking shots of people.  The problem with the festival is that there are an awful lot of them around, and none of them were posing nicely for me – but this one makes me smile.  Can you guess why?

Last month


Oh dear.  I am terribly behind with my photos.  I haven’t even managed to take many.  This one comes from a short break we went on with the kids to Amsterdam last month.  It was great.  We had a wonderful time.  And this clock is called Crazy Jack and I can’t remember why.

Antiques Roadshow


Yesterday the Antiques Roadshow set up shop in ‘my’ abbey, so I had a very pleasant wander with my new lens, what I got for my birthday, to see if I could capture something of the day.  I think I did.  Well, from my perspective, anyway.  Quintessentially English, queues and everything.






Above the Clouds


Yesterday we went on a long walk.  Well, actually, it wasn’t a particularly long one, but it was very steep.  We went up and up and up and when we reached the ridge we realised that we were above the clouds – or the condensation anyway.

It was a challenging walk in more ways than one – when I have time I’ll blog about it and link up some of the other photos I took  In the mean time, this one, with all its drama and memories of relief at having made it make it my photo of the week.